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Navbar dropdown onhover vector illustration

Bootstrap navbar dropdown with hover animation effect

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By default bootstrap 5 does not support hover. But most developers prefer to show dropdown on hover state with animation. When you hover over dropdown item, it dropdown-submenu fades up or fades down with animation.

Steps to create bootstrap navbar hover animation menu
  • It is better to create hover effect only for desktop screens. That's why we use Media query. @media all and (min-width: 992px) { // CSScode }
  • Add display:block; to dropdown-menu
  • Hide dropdown-menu with opacity: 0; visibility: hidden; and change position before it appears, for ex top:250%; or add transform
  • Now make menu visible when mouse hovers on nav-item by changing opacity:1; visibility:visible;
  • Change final position to top:100%; when mouse hovers on nav-item. Add some transition
  • Note: bootstrap has margin-top on dropdown-menu elements. Remove it by adding margin-top:0
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